Karren Di Leva

Karren Di Leva - Financial Education for Government Employees

The chief executive officer of Internal Benefit Advisors LLC in Temecula, California, Karren Di Leva leads the firm in providing life insurance and tax assistance, retirement planning support, and benefits package education for state and federal employees. In her executive role with the company, Karren Di Leva manages the business administration, follows up with clients, and oversees licensing efforts nationwide.

Before joining Internal Benefit Advisors. Ms. Di Leva spent several years as the chief operating officer of Nubodix Aesthetic Technologies, which created marketing campaigns and strategies for various clients. She also managed and serviced more than 80 accounts as a marketing manager with Tristar Aesthetic Technologies. An experienced recruiter, Ms. Di Leva spent time with California companies including American Financial Network and Home Funding Corp, where she hired mortgage loan officers and helped build branches throughout the United States.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Karren Di Leva serves as executive director at Vets Helping Vets, a nonprofit that aims to place veterans in permanent homes. At the organization, she handles marketing, business development, and veteran intake.

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Karren Di Leva